Guest blog: HEB Turkey Wrap recipe

How a Turkey Wrap Changed Everything
as told by Jose Garza

Hooray! I no longer have to resort to the hiding-veggies-in-the-mac-and-cheese trick.

Hooray! I no longer have to resort to the hiding-veggies-in-the-mac-and-cheese trick.

When my mother-and-law learned about the HEB Read3 program 6 weeks ago at AVANCE-Austin, she took my 4-year-old daughter, Emma with her every week. The two of them would come home with stories about the free books they received and how they learned to make delicious meals using…only healthy ingredients. When Emma told me about the Honey Pecan Turkey Wrap with spinach she had made with her grandma, I thought to myself, “My 4-year-old and vegetables were in the same room?” Surely, this was a dream. Usually I have to hide vegetables in my children’s mac and cheese, much to their dismay. Continue reading

Sharing the Joy of Reading

share the joy of reading heb3

Since the beginning of summer, families have joined AVANCE-Austin for our H-E-B Read3 Program. During 6 weeks, families are learning about early literacy and nutrition through a series of fun and educational workshops. At the end of the program in late July, H-E-B Read3 will give the families enough books to build a library!  Continue reading

Meet our Madre of the Month, Aidee

aidee and kendra collage

On Aidee’s first day at AVANCE-Austin, she doubted she would finish the nine-month program. Between managing the auto mechanic and catering businesses she owns with her husband and taking care of her family, four hours a week at AVANCE seemed like a big commitment. “I did not think I’d make it through to the end,” Aidee recalls.

Kendra, Aidee’s daughter, had other plans. She couldn’t wait to get back to her class. Aidee decided to give the class another shot. Kendra, two-and-a-half years old, was making friends quickly, and Aidee was glad that her only child was learning to share with others. Continue reading

Then and Now: Reflections of a former AVANCE student

maria guadalupe past

When she first arrived in the United States, pregnant with her son, Maria Guadalupe was having difficulty adjusting to a new life, a different culture, and a language that was not her own. Her husband’s relatives were nearby, but her own family was thousands of miles away. She had dreams of a career as a   nurse – as she had been in Mexico – but her limited English was a barrier. Continue reading

Cheers for the class of 2016

Infant teacher, Miss Martha and a young graduate

Last month, 200 parents and children ages 0-3 years old walked across the stage to receive their diplomas during the Graduation Ceremony. The Class of 2016 celebrated their achievements and milestones during two ceremonies at the Allan Early Childhood and STEM Center. These proud families are now official graduates of our Parent-Child Education Program. Continue reading

A day in the life


Meet Guadalupe. As our Van Driver/Early Childhood Aide and a 2015 AVANCE-Austin graduate with two young children of her own, she is passionate about making a difference for families through education. In this
“Day in the Life”, Guadalupe takes you through her busy day of the AVANCE infant classroom and beyond. Continue reading

AVANCE-Austin raises over $30K during Amplify Austin

Amplify Austin 2016 was a huge success and we couldn’t have done it without the help from our amazing AVANCE-Austin board, staff, and donors. We raised a grand total of over $30,000, which included a generous $10,000 match gift from Danna and Crutch Crutchfield.

AVANCE-Austin’s Amplify Austin Campaign kicked off with a special cocktail reception sponsored by the University of Texas Club on November 23. At the event, guests were encouraged to make their pledges early and to sign up as AVANCE Ambassadors to run their own fundraising campaigns. AVANCE-Austin had 15 fundraisers contributing to the success of the campaign.

Mother and daughter Blanca (L), Bianca (Middle) Garcia and friend at the Amplify your Love Cocktail Event.

Mother and daughter Blanca (L), Bianca (Middle) Garcia and friend at the Amplify your Love Cocktail Event.

Continue reading

Focusing on our children’s future

How bright will my future be

AVANCE mother, Leslie Fuentes once told her teacher, “We shouldn’t worry about the kind of world our kids live in. Instead, we need to focus on what kind of kids we are going to raise into this world.”
She describes her experience attending AVANCE’s Parent-Child Education Program with her year-old son, Joseph as transformative:

At AVANCE, the teachers tell you to go outside, where there are trees, and interact with your child.  You will notice the little details, which suddenly become teaching moments. For example, you can teach your children about colors (The tree is green), size (it is big), and about its texture. Those are little things you get to teach your kids, and they’re very important. At AVANCE, I learn that it is the simple stuff that makes a big difference.

Watch Leslie’s testimonial here where she speaks about the importance of how AVANCE’s Parent-Child Education Program impacts her children’s future. Continue reading

Amplify Austin is 3 weeks away!

Amplify Austin info banner FB

Amplify Austin is 3 weeks away and we’re counting on you make this the best year ever for AVANCE-Austin ! Last year, AVANCE-Austin raised $12,000. This year, we’re hoping to raise $20,000. Visit our Amplify page to learn more.

How can you help? In 3 easy ways!

  1. Schedule your donation now right here!
  2. Be a Fundraiser and AVANCE Ambassador by creating your own Fundraiser page.
  3. Spread the word! Tell your friends and share your story on social media why you support @AVANCEAustin. Use hashtags: #AmplifyATX and #AmplifyAVANCE

Want to Amplify your love for a Family? Be an Amplify FUNdraiser!
Check out our FUNdraiser cheat sheet with directions and inspiring ideas to get started on sharing your story.
FUNdraiser Cheat Sheet: How to Amplify your love for AVANCE 101

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