Parents are a Child's First Teachers

Parent-Child Education Program

AVANCE provides dual-generational services to low-income families with a focus on enhancing parenting skills, promoting long-term educational success for children, and breaking the family’s trans-generational cycle of poverty. AVANCE-Austin’s signature service is a 9-month intensive Parent-Child Education Program, which is unique in its holistic focus on the entire family. AVANCE works with low‐income Latino families, providing mothers with an intensive parenting program and their children with early education.

The benefits of this program are ample. AVANCE-Austin’s Parent-Child Education concentrates on parenting education, family support, early childhood development, brain development, literacy, and school readiness. Adults also benefit from parenting instruction, unique toy-making classes, community resources, and English as a Second Language (ESL) classes that better prepare them for obtaining their General Educational Development (GED) diploma, and furthering their education.

Who Do We Serve?

AVANCE-Austin serves low-income Latino families with young children ages zero to three in Travis County’s most disadvantaged communities. AVANCE’s program addresses root issues facing many parents; namely, limited English skills, low levels of parent education, cultural barriers, and a lack of tools to support their child’s learning, leading to a disconnect from the learning process, the school system, and, ultimately, their child’s educational development.  AVANCE’s Parent-Child Education Program builds a solid base for family–school relations, which promote successful academic transitions to elementary school and beyond.

Why is AVANCE-Austin Needed?

Latino children living in poverty, on average, enter kindergarten far behind their middle-class peers. This sets them back throughout school and life. With 40% of children entering Austin ISD a year and a half behind combined with education-based budget cuts and Austin’s growing young Latino population, the need for AVANCE-Austin is more critical than ever. We envision a future in which these children realize their full potential to become the next professionals, teachers, business and government leaders.