Mother’s Day Cards

Mother’s Day Cards:

This Mother’s Day, we are excited to honor women who have positively impacted others while making futures so bright for very young, low-income children and their families.

Celebrate the special women in your life by sending a meaningful gift that makes a real impact. For each donation of $25 or more, we will mail your honoree a special, limited-edition Mother’s Day card recognizing your gift and thanking them for their inspiration. Join us in celebrating or remembering all the special women, mothers, and mother-figures, including: mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, cousins, friends, co-workers, neighbors, mentors, teachers, and more! We can’t think of a better way to honor someone who has made a difference in your life by making a difference in the lives of at-risk children. 

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*Please note: Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13. Donations made on Friday, May 11th after 4:00 PM will not be mailed until the following Monday.*


Share Her Story!

AVANCE thrives on a culture of storytelling. We love sharing stories about the remarkable mothers in our program. Now, it’s your turn! If you have an inspiring story to share about a special woman in your life, please contact Catherine Frost.


Thanks for the inspiration of the following honorees:

Honoree: Honored By:
Jeri Alaniz Cristina Cornejo
Kari Barmettler Cristina Cornejo
Martha Bogart Heidi Sherratt Bogart
Debra Cade Cristina Cornejo
Esther Calzada Johany Calzada
Johany Calzada Esther Calzada
Elizabeth Cantu Maria Cantu Hexsel
Marili Cantu Burbes Elma Cantu Aldrete
Erica Cardona Siglinda Orozco
Alicia Caro Melissa Caro Preston
Perla Cavazos Elma Cantu Aldrete
Stephanie Chavez Krista Moore
Norma Cornejo Cristina Cornejo
Vera Cruz Lourdes Pelcastre
Lori Felan Marie Felan
Tina Marie Felan Christee Albino
Pat Frakenfield Krista Moore
Dorothy Frost Catherine Frost
Linda Fry Nell Kennedy
Elsa Gonzales Melinda Gonzales Boe
Vanessa Gonzalez Cristina Cornejo
Steffi Grabow Elma Cantu Aldrete
Stella Hatch Cristina Cornejo
Yeda Hexsel Maria Cantu Hexsel
Nancy Hibbert Kelly Gallen
Diane Keoun Esther Calzada
Rebecca Leal Elma Cantu Aldrete
Maribel Leija Siglinda Orozco
Carmen de la Llata Julio de la Llata
Vivian Mijares Cristina Cornejo
Melissa Miller Nell Kennedy
Linda Moore Krista Moore
Rocio Moore Krista Moore
Amy Nichols Krista Moore
Julie Pike Heidi Sherratt Bogart
Jennifer Rangel Stephanie De Leon
Emmy Ruiz Elma Cantu Aldrete
Elisabeth Sherratt Heidi Sherratt Bogart
Margie Sherratt Heidi Sherratt Bogart
Doris Shiels Catherine Frost
Jennifer Speiser Krista Moore
Mary Sterling Juliana Kerker
Janet Stewart Nell Kennedy
Ann Tatum Heather Neville
Carol Toler Kim Coogan
Marie Torres Marie Felan
Teresa Torres Marie Felan
Madeline Vega Lourdes Pelcastre
Melissa Villa Cristina Cornejo
Clara Zimmerer Maria Cantu Hexsel
In Loving Memory Of: Honored By:
Oralia “Yaya” Aldrete-Garcia Elma & James Aldrete
Ludelle K. Bolton Valinda Bolton
Rachel Lucille Brown Marie Felan
Julia McKenize Fitzpatrick Tom Fitzpatrick
Muriel Beth Mount Melissa Caro Preston


Legacy Giving Circle

Join the Legacy Giving Circle


Mother and baby image

Becoming a Legacy Giving Circle major donor is an investment in the future of hundreds of low-income children under the age of three and their parents. The Legacy Giving Circle provides a sustaining stream of revenue to support the mission of AVANCE to unlock America’s potential by strengthening families with very young children living in at risk communities with a dual generation approach. Gifts from donors in the Legacy Giving Circle enable the agency to transform, sustain, and scale our programs to address root causes of trans-generational poverty and make a significant social impact in our community.


Special thanks to our current Legacy Giving Circle Members:

Danna & J.H. “Crutch” Crutchfield

Balie & Beverly Griffith

Robbie & Tom Ausley

Katherine Bailey

Rosie & Richard Mendoza





Areli & Lily

AVANCE-Austin 2017 Graduates

Areli and Lily give thanks for a life-changing AVANCE program year

Areli and Lily are a beloved mother-and-daughter team here at AVANCE-Austin. Areli is a quiet, affectionate and determined mother who saw AVANCE’s program as a rich educational opportunity for her vivacious, effervescent toddler, Lily, and herself. 

Areli initially decided to enroll in AVANCE because she feared Lily was too isolated. Areli works long shifts and was concerned about Lily’s shyness and lack of socialization with children her own age. During AVANCE’s program, she was overjoyed to see how Lily flourished. Now, Lily socializes easily with her peers and adults, and her communication capabilities have vastly improved.

Witnessing the positive change in Lily served as the motivating force behind her weekly decision to attend class. Areli would finish her late-night shift at a restaurant, squeeze in a few hours of rest before waking before dawn to take her oldest daughter to school, and then commute from the far north side of town to AVANCE’s eastside campus.

Lily and Areli are all smiles following the May 2017 graduation ceremony.

The significant commute and lack of rest was worth it to Areli. AVANCE’s emphasis on incorporating play into a home routine has drastically bettered her relationship with Lily. She admitted to not playing with Lily when she was younger, mostly because she was exhausted from work. Now, no matter how tired she is, she makes time to engage in play with her daughter because she understands how precious and valuable this early time is for her child. She seizes every opportunity – even those few minutes of play – to encourage and embolden her daughter to succeed. 

Lily will continue to succeed because she has a mother who, despite a busy work schedule, and the challenges of single-parenting, made her daughter’s optimal rise her priority, and this act of selfless love affirms Areli to be the best teacher and life-model for her daughter.